The Wonderous Year of 2020

by Amber Tuma

This year has been one of extremes. I thought that 2019 was hell and that nothing could get any worse. I was horribly optimistic and incredibly wrong.

To start this year off, January my left leg went numb followed by parts of my right leg. A few days in the ER and many tests, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

A week after the horrible stay in the hospital while still being mostly numb, we played at the House of Blues Foundation Room in Dallas. Because I would have to be dead to miss playing at The House of Blues!!! The decorations are incredible in that place. Shortly after playing the HoB we then played O’Rileys. Playing there was amazing, the sound guy Landon is fantastic!

A little bit of down time for the band and then Covid-19 became serious in March. As you probably know, Covid-19 is still with us. Please stay safe if you are reading this.

In May we released Ghost. A song that was ripped from my heart in the Summer of 2019. Perhaps you the listener have dealt with feelings of being invisible? I know I have.

Today!!! Friday the 13th! We released Prelude and Worms!!!!

It’s one of my favorite songs to have worked on so far. The Prelude is heavy! With growling guitars and haunting organ. Then the dance, WORMS! Eric’s voice really does portray the pain and loss that the lyrics are about. I am so lucky to be married to a wordsmith as eloquent as he.

And I can’t wait to work on more music. The Gallows Crow is a labor of love and Eric and I do love it so. ❤


  1. Hello Amber and Eric,

    I am Stephan and I am writing to you from Germany. To be exact from the so called “Ruhrpott” in West Germany.

    I really enjoy watching the series “The Germinator” and the insights into your work are very interesting.

    My taste in music is very similar to that of your band. So: I would like to listen to the music.

    My conclusion: Wow! The mood, the feelings and the power are incredible.

    So I thought I would like to know more about the band and the members.

    After I read the entry “The Wonderous Year of 2020” in your block, I thought: It doesn’t matter where in the world we humans live. We all experience misfortune and suffering.

    Besides the series, the great band moves me the unsparing message in the block and send you the best greetings from overseas. 😉

    My wife Andrea and I wish you so many great people at your side, strength in moments when you think you have no strength.

    I, as a nurse, know the disease MS unfortunately too well.

    Keep being who you are and no one is alone. We think of you!

    Best regards from the Ruhrpott and God bless you. 🙂

    This is my best English. If there are any misunderstandings, please excuse it.

    Translated with (free version)


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