Prophetic Writing – New Song Soon

Sometimes when we write a song, we do not know the inspiration. Sometimes a song is written and then as time progresses, we discover that the lyrics of the piece is very prophetic.

That is what happened with Eric’s song Bad Disease.

Bad Disease was written in 2018 and originally had some heavy rock and punk elements. Until I woke up one morning while Eric was on duty and was like ‘HOLY S#IT what a prophetic song! I have IDEAS!!!!’. I had forgotten all about the song, Bad Disease, because we had ceased to play it live. The lyrics are SO prophetic.

My struggles with Multiple Sclerosis and trying to figure out my life has been so intense!

So, I laid some rough tracks. Showed them to Eric as soon as he got off work that day. I was scared that he wouldn’t like my ideas of reviving this song. BUT HE LOVED THEM! Even went along with the experimental guitar tuning, nothing new to the world but NEW TO US! He laid a better guitar track. We added cello, I did keys, Eric added some groovy bass and drums!

I CANT WAIT to share this with the WORLD.

MS is a Bad Disease, but MUSIC is THERAPY.

Recently this month I was graciously interviewed by Kathy from the FUMS podcast. The blog and podcast is SUCH an inspiration to me and fellow sufferers of multiple sclerosis. Be on the look out for that podcast AND our new song coming out very soon!

Much love to all of you beloved Crowlings ❤


  1. Such great news…can not wait for a New song from you….
    And yes…music is a very good therapie….i know it from myself…all the best for you and the Band….

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