Coming soon to a venue near YOU!

Last nights band practice was AMAZING!

Last night Eric and I got the opportunity to meet with 2 local musicians. Sam “Stotavekan” Carpenter who is immaculately talented at the bass and Josh Williams, a genius on drums.

The practice started at 6PM ish and lasted until 11PM and only ended because we had to be grown ups. Otherwise I could have played longer (with the aid of coffee ^_^). I am still in shock that it turned into a full blown practice. I personally was only expecting a jam session but it turned into a full blown practice that included learning about not only the music but each other! Friendship is a good basis for being in a band and I feel that last night everyone just clicked and it was epic. Or maybe it was the GIANT POT OF GUMBO I (Amber) made?

Another practice next week, and for once in a very long time I am 100% excited about learning and growing with two new brilliant musicians.

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