Randomly Beautiful

Beloved Crowlings,

Saturday’s band practice was incredibly busy but also very productive. We had the fabulous opportunity to be filmed by the German camera and production crew of Der Germinator.

Der Germinator is all about Eric’s police chief Manfred Gilow and his exciting career of being the first German immigrant to become a chief of police in Texas, and perhaps the entire United States. Eric got hired on at Hawkins Police Department in the Summer of 2020, which was a huge opportunity in and of itself. Eric only wanted to continue his law enforcement career, we (Eric and Amber) didn’t even know there was a successful European TV show about Hawkins and the Police Chief.

For the first hours of band practice we were filmed and interviewed. Personally, for me (Amber) it was slightly scary. I hope I didn’t do or say too many embarrassing things!!! Fingers crossed! The film crew are all incredibly pleasant and patient with dealing with my nervous ramblings. They even brought me daisies! My favorite flower! So sweet.

After the film crew left, the band and I dove into practicing “Spellbound”, and “Prelude and Worms”. Both are sounding fabulous, and I can’t WAIT to perform them live. After that, magic happened! A very cool facet of being in a band of incredibly talented musicians is discovering that they all are phenomenal at composing and lyricism. A new song RANDOMLY spawned in our garage Saturday night and I am so thrilled to watch it grow. One minute we were practicing, the next minute we had notebooks and pencils writing down ideas.

It was glorious. 😊 A new song is brewing!

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