About The Gallows Crow

The Gallows Crow formed in North Texas between frustrated musicians yearning for an outlet to express the innermost aspects of their soul.

Eric Tuma has been playing guitar and writing music since he was a teenager. He studied audio engineering briefly before pursuing a career in law enforcement. By day he is a musician, by night he protects and serves.

Amber Tuma has been a musician her entire life. Graduating with her bachelors degree in music, she utilizes classical components to emphasize heartfelt emotions. It is better to express yourself through music than to hold it in.

Josh Williams awoke one night in August 2021 from a strange dream. He picked up his phone and opened the browser which had been stuck on Craigslist for the last 5 months. As he refreshed the page, our beacon for competent band mates blinded him and he answered the call with drumsticks in hand.

James Barerra is an accomplished guitarist out of Longview. James has played numerous shows and is a most talented guitarist. We are so incredibly lucky that Josh acted as a lure for James to seek us out and join us in our endeavor to create.

Jeff Hutchens was also approached by Josh, his lifelong buddy, about the band that he had found. Jeff has been audio engineering for many venues for the last decade and Josh knew that he could convince Jeff to attend band practice by telling him how good we were but how deafening our sound was. He came to band practice and he thankfully saved our ears from ourselves, we tossed him a guitar and we were blown away. Then we discovered he is a god on the bass.

We have built something more than just a band, we have built a family. We are The Gallows Crow.